Our Goal

PlayStation Home was one of the first social world games on console that we all loved and enjoyed. Sadly, it came to an end on March 31st, 2015. Destination Home intends to recover what was lost and preserve the game in a playable state. We do not accept donations nor charge any money, everything is free.

When will online be available ?

There is no estimate as it takes time to fill in the blanks and reverse engineer the online servers of the game. All work is done in our spare time as a labor of love, so there's also a limited number of hours a day we can all put into this project.

What platforms will this project be available on ?

Offline is currently available on both PS3 (DEX CFW) and RPCS3. Home online will be available on all CFW PS3s and possibly RPCS3 (this will be up to the RPCS3 developers).

When will content be added to offline ?

We are always adding content to offline, and you may download the latest release here or keep up to date on our Discord server

Can I donate towards to this project?

No, we do not accept donations or money in any kind of form in this project for legal reasons and we will be running and hosting servers on our own budget. We appreciate your generosity, but it is not possible.

What is the latest progress on online?


Credits to Carla Birch for the awesome clip

How You Can Help

Donating cache helps us understand Home through the data inside it. Furthermore, cache has Spaces, furniture, and clothing that can all be recovered and added back to the game when it is back online Please check the tutorial below made by Nagato’s Revenge.

Meet the Team

Destination Home team is a team of reverse engineers, programmers, system admins and 3D modelers.

Backend & Web Dev


- DedSec Dev - Destination Home

Main Network Reverse Engineer & Programmer


- Megalia Dev - Destination Home

Tools & Modification


- Gaz Dev - Destination Home

Offline Dev & General Managment


- Nagato Dev - Destination Home

Community Manager & Outreach


- Figment Dev - Destination Home

Web Hosting & Moderator


- Kevman Dev - Destination Home